Ms Kristin Davis

”Find what you love, and fight for it.” – Kristin Davis

Kristin Davis, best known for her role as Charlotte in ”Sex and the City,” has been a vocal advocate for animal rights and wildlife conservation for many years. In September 2023, she was honored with The Perfect World Foundation Award 2023 and named Conservationist of the Year 2023.

Davis has made significant contributions to the conservation of the planet’s wildlife and nature, raising global awareness about the importance of protecting our biodiversity. Davis’s commitment to animal welfare began in 2009 when she started a long-standing partnership with the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to protect the habitat and ecosystem of orphaned baby elephants in Kenya and to raise awareness to stop illegal ivory poaching. Merging her passions for philanthropy and film, in 2014, she executive produced and financed the documentary “Gardeners of Eden,” highlighting the Trust’s efforts to save elephants from extinction. In 2019, Davis executive produced and starred in the Netflix adventure-romance film “Holiday in the Wild,” set against the backdrop of elephant poaching and conservation battles in the African wilderness. The film used the Herd Elephants Organization in South Africa for its setting and featured real elephants.