The Perfect World Foundation was founded in early 2000 by Mrs. Ragnhild (Rags) and Mr. Lars Jacobsson, and became an official non-profit organization in 2010, with the sole purpose to protect wildlife, nature and biodiversity in crisis, partly through direct aid but also by increasing knowledge, spreading awareness, creating change and finding solutions. 

The Organization 

The Perfect World Foundation addresses wildlife and nature crises through direct aid, enhancing knowledge, awareness campaigns, impactful changes, and solution-finding. We support grassroots wildlife and nature organizations in the field and also initiate and manage our own projects. These cover a range of areas including wildlife conservation, biodiversity, climate action, anti-poaching, wildlife trade, education, tree planting, ocean cleanup activities, innovations, and much more 

Our primary focus is on addressing the root causes of problems while also mitigating their effects. We believe in the importance of joining forces with like-minded individuals, companies, and other organizations to maximize our impact. 

The Perfect World Foundation annually presents their honorary award ”The Conservationist of the Year” to an individual who has made significant contributions to conservation by elevating global awareness and understanding of the importance of protecting our planet’s wildlife, environment, and biodiversity. Over the years, the award has become one of the world’s most renowned and honorable conservation awards.